Bhoomi International Conference 2019 - In Search of Wellbeing

Organised by

Bangalore, India

Our International Partners

USA, Ladakh & Mexico

We invite you to participate with pioneering thinkers, activists, educators and other concerned citizens to promote learning and positive action to live with ecological wisdom on our Planet.

This Conference is for you…

  • If you are an educator, student or parent concerned about the environment we live in.
  • If you belong to an organisation that wishes to be part of the solution.
  • If you are concerned about the ecological disasters that await us - like water famines and floods, children getting addicted to social media, globalised big business or climate change and many others.

Participate in positive action…

We need positive thinking and collaboration for meaningful action…

This conference will focus on two themes:

  • Seeing the whole picture by decoding our economic system and its effects on our individual and societal wellbeing.
  • Beginning shifts in learning communities - bringing together many thinkers and doers who have focused on re-thinking education.

Meet inspiring thinkers and doers – our speakers

Anja Lyngbaek

Associate programmes director, Local Futures, USA/India

Sonam Wangchuk

Co-founder SECMOL and HIAL, India

Devinder Sharma

Agriculture, food and trade policy analyst, India

Claude Alvares

Director, Goa Foundation, India

Rebecca Martusewicz

Professor of Education, USA

Aseem Srivastava

Environmental economist and author, India

G Gautama

Director-Secretary, Palar Centre For Learning (PCFL - KFI) Krishnamurti Foundation, India

Indira Vijaysimha

Founder, Poorna Learning Centre and Faculty of Azim Premji University, India

Alex Jensen

Researcher at Local Futures, USA/India

Rema Kumar

Director, Bhoomi College, India

About Bhoomi Conferences…

Bhoomi Network has organised national and international conferences on themes related to education for sustainable living. Since its first conference in 2009 on Food, Health and Climate Change Bhoomi has focused on highlighting many fundamental issues for ecological wisdom that need to be given more importance in our society today.

Bhoomi Network and Bhoomi College are units of KNA Foundation for Education, a not-for-profit organisation (estd. 1995) which also runs the Prakriya Green Wisdom School.

About Local Futures, our International Conference Partner

Local Futures, founded by Helena Norberg Hodge, with its offices in the US, Mexico and Ladakh, is a pioneer of the new economy movement. Local Futures has been raising awareness for four decades about the need to shift direction - away from dependence on global monopolies, and towards de-centralised, regional economies.

Local Futures has focussed on “Economics of Happiness” as an alternative to economics for materialistic growth alone. It has conducted a series of conferences around the world titled “Economics of Happiness” and will be anchoring this theme at the Bhoomi Conference 2019.

About Youth for Seva, our Local Partner

Youth for Seva is a nation wide volunteering movement which aims to create positive change agents in the society through the culture of volunteering. The youths are inspired to volunteer and thus serve their community through the social sector.