The Bhoomi Experience

The Bhoomi Experience – Is it for me?

Learning at Bhoomi is experiential, participative, dynamic and fun! Bhoomi classrooms are more spaces for co-creation and collaboration, where science, economics, arts and nature come together organically.

During the course, you will be interacting and working with activists and experts in the fields of food, agriculture, sustainable development and holistic education.

Will a course at Bhoomi be good for you? You can if you wish, take appointments to meet facilitators and visit the Bhoomi campus to get a better understanding of what it would be like.

  • A short course at Bhoomi is something that almost anyone can enjoy and gain from.
  • The one year diploma courses will be meaningful if you want learning and work that goes beyond what the mainstream world can offer.
  • And you can also get well equipped at Bhoomi College to start your own eco-venture, become a green champion or work in a national/international NGO.