Bhoomi Yugaantar Festival

December, 2022

Bhoomi Yugaantar Festival

Bhoomi Yugaantar Festival - ScheduleSeeds of Change: Microgrants

Dates: 24th - 26th Dec. 2022

Venue: Bhoomi - Prakriya Campus
Timings: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

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Entry Fee: INR 500/- (for all 3 days)

To know more about the event please contact us Email: or Phone: +919449853834

Yugaantar Concept Note

Celebrating Nature, Culture and Communities that Care

Today several thinkers, scientists and communities around the world are questioning our very idea of progress, technologies that spew more crises and the way education and the media are brainwashing our minds. Dozens of international climate meetings and commissions over the past 50 years have been held – but they have yielded little else apart from the prospect of total ecosystem collapse and climate catastrophe. Our transition to a sustainable future might be rough but it is unlikely to come primarily from future COP meetings or longer IPCC reports.

So how do we respond? Where are the solutions that can take us to a new age to come from? We already see that people are fatigued with all the information and warnings about the devastation and destruction that may be expected in the next few decades.

We find that people in offices, factories and educational institutions are overloaded with various pre-occupations and feel either helpless or unwilling to respond by themselves. Understandably so.

However, increasingly from around the world there are rays of hope emerging from communities that get together – for local action, climate activism, alternative education, organic farming collectives and more.

New responses to climate change will have to emerge from changes in our “inner climate” of new perceptions of a good life and new action nurtured by building local communities - rural and urban, local and global, modern and traditional. Such change will be rooted in diverse cultures. It will be inspired by Nature. It will have to be understood not only from reports and case studies but experienced from music, dance and craft and people finding enjoyment and wellbeing by working together.

Yugaantar is a three day festival that looks to connect and energise us to co-create communities of care. The festival will be a space for us to connect with each other, enjoy our nature connected beliefs being sung and danced with and discover what we wish to DO as ordinary members of our Natural World.

Yugaantar will see a host of eminent and amateur musicians and artists, practitioners and youth leaders for sustainability engage with participants to work together and enable each other to build local communities of care. Details of talks, workshops and nature-music and dance sessions are given over-leaf.

We welcome you to be part of our Yugaantar Journey!

Talks, workshops and discussions

To think through together and discover new possibilities - talks, workshops and discussions will be on offer on various themes including:

  1. Education for Sustainability
  2. Living Earth and Climate Change
  3. Nature
  4. Music and Body Movement
  5. Food, Health and Medicine
  6. Conversations that build Communities
  7. Emotional Wellbeing

For details of the various workshops, click here.

There will also be Open Spaces for participants who wish to offer workshops or activities to share their ideas or expertise.

Launching Microgrants for Youth-led Eco projects

At the festival, join us for the launch of Yugaantar: Seeds of Change!

Seeds of Change is a safe, supportive and vibrant space for budding eco-entrepreneurs and change-makers in the age group of 18-29 years. Eco-entrepreneurs are invited to share their project ideas in the field of sustainability and holistic education and stand a chance to win microgrants of Rs 25,000 to implement their projects! 


For more on the Seeds of Change process and guidelines for pitching, click here.

Categories for projects:

  1. Crafts and Livelihoods
  2. Holistic Education
  3. Traditional Food and Regenerative Farming
  4. Nature Studies
  5. Building of Eco-Communities

Music, Dance, Story-telling and Food

Communities thrive with artists, true teachers and the young and the old getting together. Yugaantar is a festival space for all of us to foster our community spirit. Several musicians and storytellers and inspiring workshop anchors will make Yugaantar a memorable event.

Enjoyment of food is an essential part of any festival - so nourishing, organic and traditional foods will be offered. Even cooking together will be an activity for those who love to make and share food.