About Us


The College

Bhoomi College has brought together individuals and communities through its Fellowship programmes, weekend programmes, conferences and workshops to learn, share and engage, aiming at ecological living on our planet.

The focus of all the programmes offered is on participative learning that is deep, holistic and practical. Our programmes attempt to make learning engaging and enjoyable through hands-on work, group discussions, reflection and field trips. The well-designed curriculum and interactions with inspiring thinkers and doers help make the programmes meaningful and often transformative.


The Bhoomi Campus

The Bhoomi Campus is a beautiful space spread over 4 acres, with an organic garden to provide most of the vegetables used here. It has been designed as a space for learning through living as a community. Students, faculty and guests are invited to join in the activities in the garden and kitchen at least for an hour every day.

90% of the energy used for lighting, fans etc is from the Sun. Composting, using organic soaps and cleaning products is a way of life.

Most buildings are built with stabilized mud blocks and tiled roofs or 'filler' roofs which use less concrete. Rainwater harvesting and black water recycling help minimize our water print.

The facilities include:

The Bhoomi hostel for residential accommodation, a 'Learning Kitchen' and a dining room. The office, Library and the 'Ananda' Hall, and other spaces made with mud stabilised blocks. An organic vegetable garden and a small orchard.

The neighbouring campuses of Prakriya Green Wisdom School and the Bhoomi College have more than a 100 species of trees and over 60 species each of birds and butterflies; 'Vasundhara' made with mud bags. The not to forget the uncounted number of shrubs, herbs, insects etc.

" When we connect with a place and its human and natural communities, we are much more likely to be contented and cheerful… and take responsibility to look after our little portion of Mother Earth. "


KNA Foundation

K N A Foundation for Education was established in 1995 as a registered Public Charitable Trust.

It was founded by Seetha Ananthasivan with a vision to foster meaningful and wholesome growth in youngsters and a keenness to develop inner and outer ecological wisdom in communities it engages with.

To work towards this mission the KNA Foundation initially organized various programmes on education including two national conferences:Confluence on Holistic Education – Search and Research (1997) and Indian Knowledge Systems in Education (1998).


The trustees of the K N A Foundation for Education hold in trust the philosophy and ethos of the trust and its institutions, not only its financial and physical assets. They include