1. What are the one year fellowship programmes offered by Bhoomi College?

  1. One Year fellowship programme in Holistic Education.
  2. One Year fellowship programme in Sustainability Living.

2. What is the focus of these one year programmes?

We live in times where there is no dearth of information about the level of environmental degradation/ social injustice, the impending climate crisis or the economic mess the world at large is facing etc. What is lacking is a holistic/systems view, the ability to make underlying connections, join the dots and act proactively. The focus of this programme is precisely that, to enable people to be thought leaders and change agents.

3. What is the target group you are looking for?

The minimum age is 21 and the candidate should be a graduate in any discipline. These courses are open to anyone of varying age groups who is keen on green careers or transitioning to a more sustainable way of living.

4. Are these courses recognized?

These courses include the work of cutting edge thinkers which may take a longer time to reach the traditional universities. However, increasingly in these areas of sustainability and holistic education, new possibilities of work are opening up. We also support those taking up the Holistic Education course to join a distance education programme for a BEd degree from a recognized university.

5. Who are the teaching faculty?

Faculty will be drawn from a group of educationists, thinkers, activists, social entrepreneurs, pioneers in their chosen field whose life and work are an inspiration.

6. Is internship part of the programme schedule?

Yes there are two kinds of internships that will be offered-

  1. Internship in community and self processes, which is part of in-house Bhoomi programmes /workshops, during the first 6 months.
  2. Internship in a social sector organization/NGO/other organization, after the first six months.

7. Do you have hostel facility for outstation students?

Yes hostel facility is available at an additional fee. Please write to bhoomi.college@gmail.com for details.

8. How are the learning processes structured?

Through active engagement, in depth study and reflection, hands-on work, projects, presentations, book reviews, the objective is to go beyond the obvious to make underlying connections. The learning would also include focusing on culture building processes in communities.

9. What can I expect after finishing this course?

Knowledge base, skill set, and the attitudinal shift

  • to pursue a green career
  • to venture into social entrepreneurship
  • to become a teacher in a school.