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  • Listen to your inner call to work for change!
  • Join a participative space for deep, holistic and practical learning...
  • Re-envision Education...learn in ways that enliven you.
  • Learn to look to Nature for many answers - and many new questions as well!

Bhoomi College is committed to joining the younger generation to co-create meaningful and empowering learning environments to address challenges in both education and sustainable living.

Bhoomi believes in supporting learning for different kinds of people - hands-on, interactive and collaborative, intellectually rigorous, project based, self-initiated and more...

As Einstein said, "We cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it". To live harmoniously with Nature and all human communities, we need new ways of learning for the body, mind and soul. Join us for a new kind of journey - to discover new possibilities, new co-travellers and new ways of pereceiving our world.


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1 Year Fellowship Programme in Holistic Education

For those interested in becoming facilitators for holistic learning; and to learn for life and from life.

1 Year Fellowship Programme in Sustainable Living

Green Careers on starting social enterprises; also for those who care for ecologically wise living.

Sankalan Internship

The Sankalan Internship will help you become a facilitator to foster learning and wellbeing in groups, class rooms, organisations and communities.

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There are no upcoming events currently. Please check back soon.


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A think space for
Young India

Bhoomi Spaces

  • Bhoomi Organic Gurukul, Gumalapuram
  • Rainforest Research and Education Centre, Sharavathi
  • Bhoomi Farm, Bangalore

The Eternal Bhoomi Magazine

Offers throught provoking articles and inspiring stories for earth consious living - with a special focus for students and educators.


Join the Bhoomi community and expand it in your own way to new spaces.

Talks and Articles by our visiting faculty and facilitators