Aseem Srivastava

Aseem Shrivastava is an Indian Ecological Economist known for his critiques of unfettered capitalism and its impacts on the environment. He has written and spoken extensively about the global ecological crisis, emphasizing the need for deep structural changes in the global economy to address these challenges. He has been associated with various academic institutions and has been a voice in environmental and social debates both in India and internationally.

Balachandra Hegde

Balachandra Hegde is a Landscape Ecologist and practicing farmer from a remote village near Sirsi in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. He is actively involved in wildlife and nature conservation across the Western Ghats for the last twenty-five years. He is presently working on understanding the impact of climate change on tropical forests and agroecosystems, with continuous monitoring in ecosystems.

He is also actively involved in developing nature-based holistic education facilities in a few schools of the Uttara Kannada district.

Ananthalakshmi Sitaraman

An educator by choice, Durga (Ananthalakshmi) Sitaraman is passionate about holistic education that fosters ecological consciousness in children. Holding a M.S. degree in Economics, she started her career in economic and statistical research. She has been working at Prakriya for the past 18 years, co-developing and co-holding a spectrum of practices and institutional policies that focus on humanising education and taking nature’s principles to the classrooms.

Rema Kumar

With over 25 years’ experience of teaching in schools in India, Rema Kumar is currently a Trustee of KNA Foundation for Education. Bhoomi College and Prakriya Green Wisdom School are both institutions run by the trust. These are two institutions which she has co-created, partnering in the vision of humanising education in tune with nature’s principles. Rema is also keenly involved in programmes on deep inner-work and institution-building and is a facilitator for the Sankalan Programmes.

Upcoming Online Sessions

1) Land, Self and Community

Online weekend sessions:

20th / 21st January 2024   
27th / 28th January 2024

Boot Camp:

12th - 16th February 2024

Venue: Bhoomi Vivasayee Maiyam, Thiruvanamalai, Tamil Nadu

2) Education for Sustainability

Online weekend sessions:

17th / 18th February 2024 
24th / 25th February 2024

Boot Camp:

2nd - 6th March 2024

Venue: Bhoomi College Campus, Bangalore

3) Ecological Urban Living

Online weekend sessions:

16th / 17th March 2024 
23rd / 24th March 2024 
30th / 31st March 2024

Boot Camp:

19th - 23rd April 2024

Venue: Bhoomi College Campus, Bangalore

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Bhoomi College is committed to joining the younger generation to co-create meaningful and empowering learning environments to address challenges for ecologically and socially sane living on Earth today.

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Food and Trade Policy Analyst
Director, BVIEER, Pune
Director, Palar Centre for Learning (KFI)
Founder, Poorna Learning Centre / Professor, Azim Premji University
Founder, ASHA
Prominent member of the Zero Budget Natural Farmers (ZBNF)
Filmmaker, Author of 'The Third Curve'
Managing Trustee, Vanagam
Founder Aranya Agricultural Alternatives, Permaculture Pioneer
Filmmaker, Founder Healing Forest Project
Ashoka Fellow, Founder OASIS - A Social Innovations Laboratory
Permaculturist, Consultant - farming, terrace gardening
Founder, Sustainable Earth Foundation
Naturalist, Educator - Centre for Learning
Co-founded, The Blue Ribbon Movement
Food Blogger, Decodes food labels and advocates healthy eating habits
Environmental Economist
Founder, Kalpavriksh
Independent Researcher and Consultant

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