Bhoomi International Conference 2019 - The themes and schedule

Decoding Economics and Re-thinking Education

The buzz is becoming louder. Everyday the media tells us about ecological disasters and destruction of Nature, stories of social inequities and violence – all resulting from huge, interconnected man-made structures and systems of our modern civilization. A few countries have declared climate emergency and are talking about economics of happiness and budgets for wellbeing. But significant action is limited, despite many scientists warning us that human survival itself beyond a few decades is endangered. We are living in strange times when children are protesting to adults against the destruction of their future.

Underpinning this increasing noise is the decline in human perception. Our perception of ourselves, nature and life itself, which get us entrenched in beliefs about what is a good life. For it is becoming more and more difficult for us to comprehend the complex and mind boggling nature of the global crisis that we are now experiencing.

Amidst all this we ask, “how can schools and colleges be part of the solution? How can the generation of Greta Thunbergs be enablers for alternatives that foster a more holistic perception to create a saner and ecologically wise future?”

We welcome educators, parents and others concerned about the future of our children and our civilisation to join us at the conference - In Search of Wellbeing, to share and focus on some ways of influencing positive change. What is education for if it is not to help the young see the larger picture of the world they are living in? While education prepares them for the current technological world, does it not have a responsibility to prepare future generations to live sustainably in the decades and centuries ahead of us?

The primary focus of this conference will be to bring out the connection between the economic and education systems. Almost all stakeholders in education - educators, students, parents as well as the government look upon education as a separate world, one that is disconnected from our larger man made world systems.

However it is well accepted that the globalised economic system drives all other human systems today. The theme Decoding Economics will focus on how the present day economic system is a juggernaut that does not cater to the happiness of humans and the wellbeing of our planet in significant ways that affect human survival. The education system provides the manpower to run various sectors and seems to be merely an arm of our economic system that keeps pushing for endless growth.

To look for solutions or alternatives to our economic, education and other systems seems to be an impossibly huge and futile task. Yet many pioneers are thinking and working on innumerable projects around the world that are questioning this mainstream direction and are in search of true wellbeing for all. The theme Rethinking Education will help see the larger picture and root level issues that are part of the crises faced by the world today.

At this Bhoomi Conference we have invited pioneering thinkers from India as well as other countries to share their thoughts and experiences that can help co-create a saner and ecologically wise future.

Schedule of the Conference

28th September 2019
9:30 am to 6:30 pm
29th September 2019
9:30 am to 7:00 pm followed by Dinner
Inauguration Day 1 recap
Plenary talks Plenary talks
Panel discussion Panel discussion
*Concurrent sessions *Concurrent sessions
Shape of ourfuture - Q/A session **Action Time
Wrap up Wrap up followed by Dinner

*Concurrent session will be held in parallel

**Action time offers space for the group to showcase and develop projects, ideas and action

Join us for an enlivening and meaningful two days of talks, discussions and networking

Please Note:

We are committed to making this conference a zero waste space.

Hence we request you : 

  • To bring along your own cup/glass for water and tea
  • Carry a bottle of water for yourself
  • Car-pool or use public transport if possible

Please note that limited parking space is available at the venue at the neighbouring Forum Mall.