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Seetha Ananthasivan


Seetha Ananthasivan

Through this blog I hope to share some stories and experiences from my life. Also some musings on Nature, education, our strange and complex minds, children, sustainable living, spirituality and on the amazing miracle of Mother Earth.

Rema Kumar

The search is for alternatives, the many hues of green that exist between the stark blacks and whites of our times. The challenge in these times is to keep sight of the essentials. To move away from the unidirectional approach that the current development paradigm has led us towards, much like the blind men in the folktale who tend to see only one dimension of the elephant. The commitment is to move towards a holistic spirit of enquiry and to feel reverence for this magical Earth. To live out valuing the web of life and our place in it . And to state to oneself that this is largely what our purpose in life is!

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