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Senior Fellowship

The Bhoomi Senior Fellowship Award started in the year 2018.

The Senior Fellowship Award for the year 2020 has been deferred to 2021.

This year we continue to connect and interact with the Bhoomi Senior Fellows who have been selected in 2018 and 2019.

Bhoomi Network through this award honours and recognises the work of selected individuals who, according to the best understanding of its Governing Body members, are working tirelessly in the areas of ecological living and holistic education. The Senior Fellows are invited to join the network as co-travelers and collaborators and obtain greater synergies for themselves and for Bhoomi Network to work for a more ecologically and socially wise future.

Year 2018

Co-founded, The Blue Ribbon Movement
Prominent member of the Zero Budget Natural Farmers (ZBFN) group
Founder and CEO at Alaap

Year 2019

Lake man of Bangalore
Founder and Editor of Gol Monitor
Herbalist and Natural Healer
CEO at Youth Alliance