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Education for Sustainability

Education for Sustainability

21 October 2012 to 02 November 2012
Rupert Marques

Our Educational institutions need to see their purpose not as training personnel for exploiting the Earth but as guiding students toward an intimate relationship with the Earth.  For it is the planet itself that brings us into being, sustains us in life and delights us with its wonders. – Thomas Berry

Come and join with Bhoomi students and faculty in exploring how contemporary education can support a sustainable human presence on this Earth.

Education for the 21st century is called upon to meet the interrelated challenges of human equality and ecological sustainability, in addition to supporting the holistic development of the individual. As well as looking critically at the purpose and approaches within education, we will be exploring how educational institutions and processes can meet the challenges and opportunities inherent in learning to live on this planet in a mutually beneficial way.

The module will include a range of approaches and content including readings from leaders within the field
of education, group presentations, participant learning at Prakriya Green Wisdom School,
documentaries, discussions and a weekend gathering with pioneering educators from a diverse range
of educational organizations.

  •  Weeks module: 21st October – 2nd November 2013
  •  Weekend Seminar:  26th October – 27th October 2013

Only 10 seats are available.

You can register for 15 days of the programme.

Contact Rupert at  for details.

Last date for registration : 18th October 2013

The fees include breakfast, lunch and evening snacks at Bhoomi College.

  • Fees once paid will not be refunded.  
  • Please note: The fees does not include the stay.
Programme Fees

Rs. 5,000/- for 2 weeks;        

Rs. 1,000/- for 2 days. (Weekend Seminar).

Contact/Payment Details

Contact Rupert at  for details.
Contact by email – 
Ph: 080-28441173 or 9449853834