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4 Day Gardening Workshop

4 Day Gardening Workshop

30 March 2017 to 02 April 2017
Bhoomi Campus

Do you want to be equipped with the knowledge to grow your own herbs and vegetables?
Do you think gaining experience by doing it on your own will help?

Then this is the workshop for you…

At the end of this intensive (residential) four day workshop, you will be able to:

  • Make an ideal potting soil
  • Make compost
  • Grow herbs and vegetables
  • Establish a small vegetable nursery
  • Plant and tend to your vegetables/herbs
  • Control pests and diseases that may affect them

Other significant “take aways” will be:

  • Learning the basics of composting and practical ways of recycling kitchen waste.
  • Developing a planting calendar –knowing what to plant when.

  • “Home made” recipes to control pests.
  • Harvesting vegetables.
Programme Fees

Charges for the same will be Rs.4500 (inclusive of Food, one day stay, a seed kit)