Let Us Localize

Let Us Localize

Aren’t we all tired of reading, listening and understanding? There comes a time in our journey towards more sustainable living when we want to start working on something that helps us actually be part of the solution.

On-line is not the best way to start an action oriented programme – but we can make it a pretty good way. In these covid times, we can find the mind space and discussion time to start something local, something doable and enjoyable if you like working with people.

During the programme you can:

  • Understand the localization movement worldwide and crystallise what interests you
  • identify areas you want to work in which are practicable for you
  • actually contact people, conduct online programmes to sound out a small group in your locality

By the end of the programme you can plan a few activities to work on both on-line and on the ground when the lockdown is lifted.