Food, Health and Immunity

Session 1: Reclaiming our Food Connections

Reflecting on the food story of Homo sapiens, understanding nutritionism and restoring our relationship with food. At the end of the session, participants will be invited to join in (optional) the healthy food challenge which will continue till the end of the module.

Session 2: Taking Charge of Our Health

This session will touch upon the Germ theory and the Cell theory. Also, connections between alkalinity, immunity building and wellness will be explored to take charge of our own health.

Session 3: Tuning in with our Amazing Bodies

Through this session we will also dwell on looking at our bodies as a whole. This session will also focus on tuning in with our body’s intelligence and working with it rather than against it.

Session 4: Chucking Processed food and Embracing Local Foods!

This session will dwell on the bane of processed food and our addiction to it. The focus will be on becoming conscious and mindful of our food choices. Also through this session we will explore the wisdom inherent in local traditions. And how local and seasonal foods are good for us and good for the planet too. Some sharing of recipes too!

Session 5: Healthy Alternatives

This session will be devoted to exploring healthy alternatives which one can commit to and follow for oneself. Bringing back millets, the crops of the past which are considered crops of the future will also be discussed.

Session 6: Review, reflection and sharing

The participants will be sharing and presenting their learnings from the sessions.