Education for Sustainability

Education for Sustainability

Session 1: Evolution of Education. What is Education for?

This session will trace the evolution of education. It will create a reflective space for participants to engage with the question ‘what is education for?’

Session 2: Holistic Learning. Learning from Principles of Nature

This session will focus on the principles of nature and what we can learn from them. This is to enable us to create conducive learning environment.

Session 3: Place Based Education

Through this session we will deliberate upon the significance of education anchored in a sense of belonging to a place. This session also includes an interaction with an educationist, who has explored this aspect deeply.

Session 4: Education for Wellbeing

Through this session we shall explore the importance of wellbeing for the self, community and earth. We shall also focus on the part education can play in enhancing individual and planetary wellbeing.

Session 5: What Schools can do?

Through this session we shall have conversations with three educationists who have explored and experimented with alternatives focused on sustainability.

Session 6: Presentations by Participants

The participants will be presenting their insights and learnings from the module.