Ecological Living in Urban Spaces

Ecological Living in Urban Spaces

Session 1: Case for Regenerative Cities

To move towards ecological living in urban areas one needs to engage with creating regenerative cities; cities which closes resource loops. In this session we will explore design principles for regenerative cities and focus on some of the principles.

Session 2: Embracing Low Carbon Lifestyle

The present day crisis of rampant consumerism is seen as a crisis of perception. Perceiving ourselves as creators/citizens and not just as consumers leads us in the direction of embracing low carbon lifestyle.

Session 3: Co-owning Commons

Becoming custodians and taking responsibility for our common spaces be it water bodies, wooded areas, forests or just open spaces is another important dimension of reclaiming our urban spaces. Interactions with people who have taken the onus to do the same will offer some pointers.

Session 4: Being Water and Waste Wise

Closing the waste loop and becoming water conscious can tremendously reduce the ecological footprint that cities have. Real time stories/case studies of taking ownership of waste and engaging with water prudence reveals possibilities that exist.

Session 5: Becoming City Growers

Becoming city growers is a systemic solution to deal with issues of waste, reducing food miles, being water prudent and also ensuring safe food for ourselves. Connecting to a network of peri-urban growers and supporting them is another way of engagement.

Session 6: Presentation

The participants will be presenting their learnings from the sessions