Earth Shastra 2021

Earth Shastra 2021

Earth Shastra 2021 (Online) is a 10-week program offered by Youth Alliance in collaboration with Bhoomi College. It focusses on nurturing leadership in people to be able to look within oneself and understand the root causes of the interconnected crises we face as a species. And inquire into the discord between ecology and economics. Perhaps from that understanding can action flow towards cultivating a life of that brings us in harmony with all beings and our mother Earth.

The 10-week journey brings together, years of experience of Bhoomi College and Youth Alliance of working with young leadership for complex issues of that we are facing today. The immersive process of the program involves intimate small group work, reflection, contemplation, reading, experimentation and learning with mentors. The intention is to engage head (intellect, knowing), heart (emotions, being) and hands (action, doing) of the participants.

Through the program, the participants:

  • Will be able to create a holistic understanding of the interconnected issues of our times
  • Will receive practical tools to (re)design their life and career
  • Will be initiated into a community of co-travelers for the long haul
  • Will hold questions to support transition from the worldview based on separation to worldview based on interconnectedness



  • 10 weeks Online Journey
  • Begins on 7th February 2021; ends on 11th April 2021

Time Commitment per week

  • Calls: 120 / 150 minutes of collective weekly call on Sunday
  • 60 minutes of small group call (at the groups' convenience)
  • 3 hours of pre and post work per week - reading, experimentation, reflection.

Who is it for?

We are open to have participants from all kinds of backgrounds. This program is an intermediary course and will serve those best who have had some experience on working on these issues and are asking deeper questions. However we are looking for people meeting at least one of the following criteria:

  • Passionate about environmental issues and committed to do something about it / already acting towards it
  • Working or studying in the domain of Environmental Studies/Economics/Development/Public Policy
  • Working with corporate/non-profit/government and keen to understand how the learning from the program apply in their context
  • Committed to inner work in the service of the collective whole
  • Willing to take forward the learning from the program and apply in their communities

Program Fee

Earth Shastra is an intensive course with deep commitment of facilitators to the cohort and individual participants in long term.

The program fee is 12,000 INR. On a need basis, the participants may pay the fee in installments during the program. In case you aren’t able to pay, we shall support you to raise from your network of friends and well-wishers. Know more about economics of the program.

Program Language

The program shall be in Hindi and English. However the written learning content may be English dominated



First Rolling Deadline: 15th January, 2021

Final Deadline: 31st January 2021

Earth Shastra Timeline