Connecting with Self, Land & Community

Connecting with Self, Land & Community

Session 1: Focusing on Eco-centric Way of Living

This is the introductory session which explores interconnections between land, self and community. The intent is to feel into these subtle connections holistically which are essential for the wellbeing of all sentient beings.

Session 2: Seeing the Whole – Self

This session focuses on developing an understanding of the different aspects of the self. The intent is to get in touch with the possibilities that exist within each individual.

Session 3: Seeing the Whole – Gaia

What is good for the earth, is good for us! This session focuses on tuning in with Gaia as a living animate being. The intent is to make the connection between the interdependencies that exist.

Session 4: Soul of Feedback

Self-regulation is one of the core principles of Gaia. For the self-regulatory processes to play out in a system, feedback is essential. The intent is to see the value of feedback in ones journey of learning and growth.

Session 5: Perception

Unravelling perception and looking at how the context shapes and influences perceptions. The intent is to bring to awareness the diverse lenses and filters that we hold.

Session 6: Presentation

The participants will be presenting their learnings from the sessions.