by Rema Kumar


Transformation is in the Eyes that See a New World…

To look deeply and mindfully at the way one perceives oneself and the world around; to see the lenses and filters handed down by modernity/development/consumerism; to relook at assumptions and quick conclusions could be ways of unbecoming everything that isn’t really you. When one begins questioning notions of success, achievement and a good life; standard benchmarks and expectations of uniformity; a new world full of promising possibilities open up. The valuing of intuitions, looking deeply at root level issues, honouring of unrest felt and held within, leads to search and proactive action. It alsoleads to connecting with others and experiencing freedom to be oneself, anchoring in a community.

Can all of this happen in a learning space?

“Maybe the journey isn’t so much about becoming anything, maybe it is about unbecoming everything that isn’t really you so you can be who you were meant to be! “

And why not…if we look at learning and learning spaces – which can be anywhere and everywhere -with new eyes! New eyes that tune in with the unique being/learner/questioner that one is! A learning space where one can grapple with questions and doubts one has had about the direction for oneself and perhaps for humanity as well. A learning engagement where the intent is to deeply delve into complexities that exist not to look for quick solutions but to deepen understanding and build perspectives with a group of co- learners. A learning journey which is joyous because of opportunities to collaborate and celebrate each other’s discoveries.

So where does it lead the seeker and the search?

To a sense of purpose beyond just fitting in and doing what is expected. To respond to a calling beyond the narrow-blinkered vision and embrace the adventure of walking on a path less trodden. To take a pause, to feel into one’s gifts and engage in work that is meaningful and aligned with one’s gifts. To experience the feel of being embedded in Earth! To find many co-travelers to journey with and to know that one is but a part of a larger whole. To be inspired by many who have braved the adventure of following their calling.

Transformation is indeed in the eyes that see a new world, a new world that is both a promise and possibility. A new world where what matters most is a deeper sense of wellbeing for all beings, where treading gently on Earth is the norm. Transformation is also a new knowing which is free from colonization of the mind and from false notions of independence. And a new more real, more grounded way of being which celebrates interdependence and embodies an Ubuntu like declaration to Earth- “You are, Therefore I am!”