Our Post Covid Mission

We live in extraordinary times, triggered by the Corona virus.

We are faced with dramatic and global changes that our tallest scientists, leaders and thinkers did not anticipate or prepare for. Dramatic times call for hard thinking and tough choices.

We have the choice - to be numbed into a new normal or take steps towards the life we want. We have the choice to fall back into status quo or go on an adventure of engaging in new ways of learning, doing, having and being.

Throughout history, along with crises, there emerged heroes to lead the way to deal with them – at least quite often, when the whole society or civilization did not die out! Earlier the crises were often created by one invader, one rakshash or one dragon, or even a degenerating society. So we had a Ram, a Jesus, Hercules, Gandhiji and many others. Today we have micro and macro rakshashas everywhere – in our food, our waste, plastics, in the air, water, forests, our media fueling rakshasik consumption, in our classrooms that separate children from Nature and real life – yes almost everywhere you turn there is work for heroes. So we actually need millions of heroes to work in their local spaces.

We need more Localisation!

There is enough research and understanding today that the dominant globalized economic system and the freedom and power of large corporate organisations are the root causes that have made the rich richer, the poor poorer and have left ecosystems everywhere ravaged or depleted. World over, 1% of the population own over 50% of the wealth – up from 36% in 1990 before globalization. In India, the 1% now own 58% of the wealth in the country. Certainly this lop sided growth cannot continue for ever.

The Covid pandemic has only made the ugly side of this economic system more visible when millions were thrown out of their low paying jobs and had to walk back to their villages.

We need great changes in perception of what is a good life and of many hidden realities of our consumerist lives; we need to see the larger picture of rampant consumerism, resource gobbling urbanization, the cruel destruction of rural livelihoods. We need to see the sources of the crises we are in and learn to resist the forces that keep exploiting humans and our ecological heritage.

And we definitely need more localization to oppose the juggernaut of globalization - local communities to be stewards of their commons and to create local systems of production and trade for many basic requirements; let wealth circulate amongst them rather than let it get siphoned off to the coffers of the big time corporates.

Our Post Covid Systemic Shifts

At Bhoomi College, we are known as one of the well-known spaces in India for experiential and holistic learning for sustainable living – with a major focus on our 1 year fellowship programmes for sustainable living and Holistic Education. Bhoomi Network has been involved with spreading awareness and learning for organic farming and ecological living – through several short programmes, conferences and events.

Our post covid mission is to work for more out-reach – through Bhoomi alumni all over the country as well as many other friends-of-Bhoomi. We are committed to work now for more localization as a systemic solution to bring in more wellbeing and deal with the many crises we face.

We are now committed to offering more action-oriented on-line programmes on localization. We are also introducing short in-campus programmes on Leadership for Localization.

inally we are committed to supporting many local groups network and work for localization through our Bhoomi Eco-village Network which was launched on Aug 15th 2020.

Bhoomi Eco-villages Network – for Climate Justice and Human Wellbeing

Climate Justice requires millions of us to work in multiple ways – activism, advocacy, building models and educational material, awareness creation, organic farming and more. We also believe that such work can be carried out through local groups working together for local projects and issues.

Individually or in small groups and communities, many heroic individuals are doing valuable work. And by forming a growing network of such communities we can become a more potent force to collaborate, work together and bring about change.

Over 20 Bhoomi Eco-villages are being launched in 2020 – in Himachal, Calcutta, Mumbai, Bangalore and in Andhra and Tamil Nadu.

Bhoomi Network invites you to localize – to co-create a Bhoomi Eco-village along with or including your present work, enterprise or activities. The kind of life we want – with more ecological wisdom, social justice, sane growth and sensible education is possible if every human community focuses on the local – the place and the community we belong to.

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