Bhoomi Spaces

Bhoomi believes in co-creating spaces which can be used by many for learning, sharing and for being part of an expanding community of people who care about ecologically wise living.

Please contact us at

  • If you wish to engage in any Bhoomi activities in the spaces mentioned below.
  • If you wish to make use of these spaces for your programmes or activities that focus on sustainable living or nature conservation.

The Sharavathi Rainforest Centre

This is a farm located within the pristine rainforest in the Sharavathy valley, in Shivamoga District of Karnataka. This area has many endangered species of frogs, snakes, trees and other flora and fauna. The farm is located in a serene valley and has a simple farmhouse built in traditional style with mud, laterite blocks and tiles.

You can join us by

  • making use of this space if you are doing research on any of the flora or fauna of the area;
  • volunteering for activities at the centre including farming, general support, offering workshops etc.
  • Taking part in the 'Learning from Wilderness' programmes that Bhoomi conducts here from time to time.

Gumalapuram Organic Gurukul

Gumalapuram is a small village about an hour's drive away from Electronic City, Hosur Road, Bangalore, on the Chandapura - Anekal - Thalli Road.

This farm consists of degraded land where we have been working on water conservation and revival of the soil. We are in the process of setting up a holistic learning centre here primarily for and with rural youth. Apart from organic farming, we hope youngsters can learn eco-building methods, certain crafts, basic usage of computers and other skills and knowledge that may interest them.

At present a small team stays at the Gumalapuram farm, engaged in growing millets, a food forest and some vegetatbles; also the construction of some buildings with mud stabilised blocks and rammed earth. We also offer a few programmes for children and adults to experience farm life and understand some of the major issues in food and farming in India.

You can join us by

  • Volunteering for farming or building activities.
  • Participating in the farm programmes
  • Share your time, skills and knowledge with others informally or through workshops at the Gumalapuram Gurukul.

Bhoomi Centre, Bangalore

The Bhoomi Centre includes a hostel, guest houses and various facilities required for a residential training centre. The campus also has an organic garden, a library and space for various eco-cultural events. The one year postgraduate courses are conducted here as well as short courses, usually during weekends.

Join us

  • By offering workshops or sessions concerning any aspect of sustainable living and thereby share your skills and knowledge with others.
  • By volunteering during programmes that interest you, such as the ones on food and farming, holistic nutrition or eco-friendly building.