Nurturing Earth Consciousness

Connect with gardens, wilderness spaces and co - travellers to get a deep appreciation of our embeddedness with Gaia, our living Bhoomi / Earth.

Re- Envision Education

To humanise learning for the child and respond to ecological realities; to look for root level solutions for root level problems...

Learn in a way that enlivens you...

Through group participatory learning, cutting edge curriculum, field visits, interactions with pioneers and great teachers, hands on work and more.

Think like an ecosystem!

To understand holistic science, interconnectedness and complexities of the web of life; to develop a systems view of life, to use principles of nature in human communities...

Listen to your inner call to work for change!

As a teacher, a social entrepreneur or green careerist - join the growing movement of those who want to make a difference through positive action.

Notice Board

Philip Franses will be offering a short course on Holistic Science in January 2016 at Bhoomi College, Bangalore. He is on the Faculty for the MSc. in Holistic Science at Schumacher College, UK, an institution that has pioneered study and education on Holistic Science. To read more about him log on to

To read about his article
The Creative Relation of Whole and Part

Holistic Science

Modern Science has been reductionist and 'mechanical' in approach and has led our civilisation to deal piece-meal with many issues which in turn has resulted in climate change and a range of socio-economic and ecological crises.

The only foundational alternative is Holistic Science, which is already revolutionising many fields such as ecology, biology, food and health, physics, organisational behaviour, and education.

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Enlivening and Trans-
formative Facilitators'
Training Programme


Time to Choose

Eco-philosopher, Satish Kumar poses four essential questions that the world must ponder over if we are to address our most pressing crises today....

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James Lovelock wrote his path breaking work on GAIA, the idea of our Earth as a single self regulating, unified, fantastically inter-related living system. Seetha Anathasivan elaborates on all the ways in which our human bodies are similar to GAIA...

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