The Yugaantar Resource Hub

The Yugaantar Resource Hub

The purpose of this project is to provide engaging, authentic, inspirational and meaningful resource material on ecological living to youth and educators.

In particular, the focus is on making the work of leading and pioneering thinkers and doers on sustainability accessible through a website, videos, documentaries and print media.

We welcome professional film makers as well as volunteers interested in working in this area to contact us.

The Background

In Sanskrit, the word “Yugaantar” means the tough transition period between two historical ages. It aptly describes present-day life and living – when we are faced with many social and ecological crises of the industrial age, and we have no option but to transition to a more ecologically wise era.

The issues involved in this Yugaantar age are highly complex, spanning economic systems, socio-political compulsions, unstoppable consumerism, corporate power and more. However, our education system deals largely with the past and neither the present nor the future. Hence, the work of pioneering holistic thinkers and activists is not easily accessible to our youth and educators.

The Yugaantar Resource Hub has been created precisely to address these lacunae.