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"Everyone can make a change, together we can make a difference".     - M.K. Gandhi

The vision of Bhoomi is to create and provide both physical and psychological spaces and platforms - especially to our youth - to learn and live out philosophies, principles and practices for sustainable living.

While the KNA Foundation has provided a 4 acre campus in Bangalore with work rooms, halls, a hostel and other infrastructure, this vision can come alive only with the participation of many more people. We need students, teachers, volunteers, donors, friends and full time employees who can complement each other as a community of people who believe in living sustainably on Earth.

Bhoomi's activities began in 2008 with a seminar for schools on Earth Citizenship, and we have now conducted about a hundred programmes and 4 conferences, apart from other events. We began the 1 year PG programme on Science and Management for Sustainability in 2012 and in 2015 Bhoomi is offering a PG Diploma in Holistic Education.

We invite you to join us and support our activities in any of the following ways:

Would you like to volunteer with Bhoomi?

Bhoomi, our Earth, needs all of us to volunteer to live with more ecological wisdom.

Bhoomi, the college, needs volunteers who believe in our vision of fostering education for sustainability and earth conscious living as a practice. Join Us.

These are the areas in which you can volunteer:

  • Sourcing articles for the Bhoomi magazine - thought provoking perspectives, ideas for positive action or stories of green pioneers.
  • Supporting us during events, such as Conferences and the Bhoomi Utsav on October 2nd every year to celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi.
  • Offering workshops, talks and sessions to students in any area of your expertise connected with sustainability or education. You will need to discuss and plan this with the concerned directors / facilitators.
  • Supporting us with documentation, Library management, video editing, photography or any other work, normally for the duration of one week to one month
  • Work at the Bhoomi organic garden for a period of 5 week days at a time. Ideally we would 2 to people to volunteer together, for whom arrangements for stay and food will be made. Work will be allocated by our garden coordinator for at least four hours a day, and volunteers are free to read, walk or enjoy their hobbies the rest of the time.

If you wish to volunteer please email us at, with a short biodata, stating the areas where you would like to volunteer at Bhoomi. Please include your full address and your phone numbers so that we can call you back. We will then include you in our volunteers list and inform you when there is a need at Bhoomi.

We need to have a conversation (over the phone or through a personal meeting at our office) to ensure that the work we have is suitable for you. Please note that we may not be able to welcome volunteers at all time, and the Administrator will make the final decision about including you as a volunteer.

Donate - what and how?

  • We are still building up our library, both physical and digital, including books and other resources not only on sustainability and education, but many connected areas ranging from holistic science to literature. Donations of books and digital resources you are aware of are welcome.
  • Some students may need a scholarship to enroll in the PG Diploma courses. While the fees are subsidised, they may still need a scholarship. Any amount in multiples of Rs.1000/- are welcome. Details of how your donation is used will be provided to you.
  • Any donation to support our activities at the Bhoomi Organic Gurukul, an educational initiative for rural youth and children is also welcome.

If you wish to donate, please contact us at