Celebrate the Monsoon!

25 Jun 2016
Venue: Tree Planting at Gumlapuram

Celebrate the Monsoon!

Time: 10 AM to 04 PM

What better way to celebrate the monsoon than to

  • Plant trees
  • Dance and learn folk songs
  • and eat some yummy monsoon foods?

This can be a family event, where you can bring along children over 7 years old. Enjoy being with Nature and getting some physical exercise with your family and friends...

Come to the Gumalapuram Organic Farm, located near Navadarshanam, about 8 Kms from Anekal Town. The Gumalapuram farm is a beautiful open space meant to be developed into a learning centre for rural youth. Basic facilities including a few rooms are available now and a few more mud based buildings are being built. Miller farming, tree planting and vegetable growing activities have started there now.

There will be no fees for this programme. But we would like you share the cost of food @ Rs. 300 per head.

A bus will be arranged to take you from Bhoomi - Prakriya campus to Gumalapuram farm. Please inform us and arrive here at 8.30 am if you wish to take the bus with us.

If you are interested, please email us at bhoomi.programmes@gmail.com,

Letting us know how many of you will be present.