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Water & Well being

Water & Well being

28 November 2016 to 02 December 2016
Bhoomi Campus, off Sarjapura Road, Bangalore

Water scarcity is rampant and is becoming a stark reality within India today. From perennial rivers turning seasonal, ground water running thin and people living in cities dependent on tankers there is an immediate need to address the usage and wastage of water. 

Is it enough to talk about just recycling of water without addressing the consumption pattern?

How to take responsibility at an individual and collective level to reduce and reuse water?

In this workshop, you will engage with Biome, experts in water management and aquifer mapping, about the flow of water in our everyday life. Get to know more about black water reuse, ground water recharge and methods to save water to start working towards self-sufficiency of this precious resource. take responsibility and being accountable

Programme Fees

Rs 4000/- (includes lunch)