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Nurture the learner in your child

Nurture the learner in your child

25 June 2016
Ishita Sarkar, Geetha Prabhu

The drive to learn is one of the strongest drives in every human being; it starts early and lasts till the end. However all of us do not have the same processes of learning. The requirements of the formal schooling system slots children and push them through the eye of the same needle. Thereby losing touch with the unique learner your child is.

Foster your child's natural drive to learn!

A workshop designed to help you understand and relate to the learner your child is, through experiential learning and the Multiple Intelligence framework.

Date : 25th June 2016
Time : 9am to 2pm
Resource People : Ishita Sarkar and Geetha Prabhu

Programme Fees

INR 1000/- per person

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For registration please write to us at or call us at 080-28441173