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Natural Farming – the Subash Palekar way

Natural Farming – the Subash Palekar way

13 October 2015 to 15 October 2015
Subash Palekar, Shri Prasanna Murthy

Shri Subash Palekar of Maharashtra is well known for “zero budget farming” – wherein he has systematized and perfected many traditional method of cultivation. Zero budget natural farming was initially more popular in Maharashtra and has in the last decade been taken up successfully by farmers in Karnataka as well.

Shri Prasanna Murthy has been a follower as well as a coach of the Subash Palekar method. He will anchor this three day session as follows:

13th October: Basics of the Subash Palekar method at Bhoomi Campus
14th and 15th October: Field visits to farms in Tumkur district, where the farmers follow the Subash Palekar method.

Salient features of Natural Farming as outlined by Shri Subash Palekar include near zero input costs, increase in fertility of the soil year after year the Natural Way, minimising water requirements, excellent yield (higher than chemical/organic farming), lower labour costs and a scientific, spiritual system based on time-tested and vedic principles.

Date: 13th to 15th October 2015, Timings: 10:00 AM – 04:30 PM

Programme Fees

Rs. 5000 - cost includes food and field trip transportation expenses