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Holistic Nutrition and Conscious Kitchen Programme (Basic)

Holistic Nutrition and Conscious Kitchen Programme (Basic)

26 July 2014 to 27 July 2014
A. Santhi Lakshmy, Seetha Ananthasivan

People who wish to take charge of their Wellness with delicious Health Foods

Understanding Food:

The Industrialization and commercialization of food and medicine has undermined our faith in fundamental aspects of nutrition and the innate intelligence of the body. It has made us feel helpless and confused when we hear of anyone we know getting ill with heart-disease, cancer, diabetes, etc., and we surrender further to external intervention.

The natural principles of Nutrition for the human body are simple and timeless and food is the building block for the body. Rather than fall prey to expensive fortified foods, media messages about processed foods or a habit of popping pills, we do need to tune in to the basic principles of Nature and discover the foods that are tasty and enjoyable.


The Holistic Nutrition part of the workshop will focus on principles of tuning in to our bodies’ intelligence and remaining in top health.

The Conscious Kitchen is the hands-on section which will help to put into practice these basic principles.
This workshop has been put together using the research, practice and wisdom of many scientists, writers and health activists, as well as our own experience. Several participants of our programmes have benefitted in various ways - by reducing their cholesterol, triglyceride levels, getting rid of diabetic medication, migraine headaches, constant fatigue and stomach ailments, etc. However, the focus of this programme is not to provide quick solutions or substitute your doctor - but to encourage education and a step by step transition to good eating and living. This workshop may be meaningful if more than one member of a family attends it. 

Conscious Kitchen is the hands‐on section of the workshop which will focus on:

  • Making food Tasty & Nutritious preparation and cooking methods.
  • Issues concerning sourcing of ingredients and various food stuffs
  • Understanding Raw foods, Chemicals, additives like salt, sugar & spices
  • Post meal issues Keeping well and energetic; family togetherness; Feeling the connections and enjoying the process

As in all Bhoomi workshops, you can look forward to great food and beverages, interesting short documentaries and great interactive sessions.

Please Note: 
Participants are requested to eat only fruits at home in the morning and have breakfast, lunch, etc. at the programme venue on the days of the workshop.

Programme Fees

For the 2 day workshop - Holistic Nutrition and Conscious Kitchen and: Rs. 2200/- per person including course material, lunch, refreshments.