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Explorations in Inner and Outer Ecology

Explorations in Inner and Outer Ecology

31 August 2012 to 05 September 2012
Bhoomi College, Bangalore
Seetha Ananthasivan, Reva Malik, M.S.Sambamurthy, Rema Kumar

“True Learning is akin to lighting a fire, not collecting in bucketfuls"

For whom:

  • For those who would like to explore deeper aspects of ecology and nature's principles as a path to well-being and eco-wise living.
  • For those who would like to be facilitators of workshops on Eco-Psychology, Inner and

Outer Ecology, Sustainable Living etc.

  • For students, teachers and those who are (or plan to be) leaders of communities, NGOs or groups working for a cause.

The Purpose of these Programmes:

This programme would provide the space and opportunities to explore oneself in a holistic way, including intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of our relationships with ourselves, others, various human constructs and with our Planet Earth.

Today what we need is not just the technical knowledge and skills for green living. The greater challenge is fostering new kinds of leaders with the vision and ability to co-create groups, organisations and communities that focus on positive action collaboratively and creatively. We need leaders who can respond to local issues, create space for joining in by others and strategise for collective well-being.

These programmes aim to introduce those interested in green activities / careers to ways of working with communities that are effective, meaningful and mimic nature’s processes of sustainability.

What we will do during the programme:

For about 7 to 9 hours during each day, we will alternate between various kinds of sessions which would involve active participation by all the group members. These would include

  • concept based interactive sessions to understand inner and outer ecology, reviewing our lenses and filters and connecting with Nature.
  • sharing of one’s personal stories, thoughts on relationships and related conversations
  • small group work, viewing a couple of documentaries, Nature walks, Nature meditation.
  • Going beyond structured ways of learning with pre-determined ends; learning from wild nature and emergent reality.

Please note: This programme will not provide much opportunities for hands-on work in the garden/ kitchen etc.during at least 9 hours each day of 'work time'. We explore 'outer-ecology' as we hold it in our minds and through spending some time in nature everyday. Participants are free to engage in hands on work of the community if they wish to, during free times in the morning and evening.

Become a Facilitator:

Inner and Outer Ecology is an introductory workshop. By participating in five other workshops in the next two years a person can work towards becoming a facilitator for such transformative programmes.


The programme is a residential one at the eco-friendly and serene campus of Bhoomi, which includes an organic garden and spaces for concept sessions, hands-on work, reflection and relaxation. Twin–sharing accommodation and delicious, nutritious vegetarian food will be provided.


All the facilitators for these programmes have been working together on deep self-exploration processes for the last 10 to 30 years. These programmes are highly interactive, invitational and inclusive with 2 to 3 facilitators working in every group of about 12 participants. Facilitators offer their time for these programmes, and are keen to co-create a community of facilitators for personal growth and eco-culture building.

Seetha Ananthasivan is committed to working simultaneously with self-exploration and ecological issues and has been a facilitator for personal and institutional growth for over 3 decades. She is a founder trustee of Bhoomi College and Prakriya Green Wisdom School and also of Aastha Foundation, an institution dedicated to culture building and personal growth.

Rema Kumar, is an educationist with over 20 years of experience as a teacher. She is now a member of the Governing Body of Prakriya Green Wisdom School, and is also a facilitator of human processes with Aastha Foundation for about a decade. She has a keen interest in deep ecology and education for sustainability.

Reva Malik, is a member of the Governing Body of Prakriya Green Wisdom School, and has been a teacher and a facilitator in human processes with Aastha Foundation for about a decade. She is passionate about natural learning-teaching processes and conducts programmes on creative teaching and self-exploration.

M.S.Sambamurthy is a Behavioural Science Consultant and has several decades of experience as an HR professional in the corporate as well as educatonal/ social sectors. He has been a Trustee of Aastha Foundation and anchors programmes and processes for individual and institutional well-being and growth.

Farah Khan, Director- Programmes, Bhoomi College, has been a teacher for over 15 years. She has been the Head of the IGCSE section of Prakriya Green Wisdom School. She is keen on designing and offering a range of workshops in education as well as self-exploration. She has also been a facilitator in human processes in Aastha's intensive programmes.

Programme Fees

This is a 5 day compulsorily residential programme. The fee for the programme is Rs. 6000/- per person, including hospitality. However, we would not like the payment of fees to come in the way of someone who is keen to explore earth consciousness and to understand nature's principles more deeply. Hence scholarships for this programme are available for those need them. Please write to

if you need a scholarship.

Bhoomi College is an NGO that uses all the fees collected towards its research and educational programmes.

Registration: Please register before 28th August 2015

Contact/Payment Details

For more information contact or call Farah or Prema at 09449853834 / 080 28441172.