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Eco-friendly Food and Farming

Eco-friendly Food and Farming

30 September 2014 to 07 October 2014

This programme will include practical and conceptual learning about:

Natural farming, organic farming, biodynamic farming and permaculture.

“The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul”. - Alfred Austin

During this 1 month programme you will participate in over 5 workshops and 2 field trips apart from sessions with documentaries, discussions and presentations. You will also be introduced to a network of people committed to eco-friendly farming who can foster your interest in farming and gardening. Also you all will be a part of Farmer’s market and the Bhoomi Utsav on the 2nd of October.

Modules include:

  1. Inaugural session (30th August) - by  Dr.  Vandana Shiva
  2. Overview of  Food & Farming - Subhash Palekar*, Rahul Goswami, Seetha Ananthasivan
  3. Holistic Food - Workshop by Seetha Ananthasivan & Santhi Lakshmi and Rema Kumar
  4. Natural Farming - workshop by Rajesh Thakkar
  5. Biodynamic Farming - Workshop by Ravi Koushik* & Anil Kapur
  6. Organic Farming - by Sri Narayana Reddy & I.M.Pushpa
  7. Permaculture - Workshop by Narsanna Koppula and Gyan Sagar at Gumlapuram Bhoomi Farm and Gopi at Navadarshanam  
  8. Urban Gardening - by Ananya Mehta

Farmer’s Market and Bhoomi Utsav (Oct 1 & 2) - Organizing and supporting alternative distribution of organic foods;

* to be confirmed

“To forget how to dig the earth and tend the soil is to forget ourselves” - Mahatma Gandhi

Only 20 seats are available.

Last date for registration : 25th August 2014

Programme Fees

Programme Fees* : Rs. 10,000/- (without hostel facilities);

Hostel Fees : Rs. 9,000/- for the full period of 5 weeks.

*The fees, based on actuals only, will include breakfast, lunch and tea at Bhoomi college and cost of travel and stay for field trips.

Scholarships are available for those who need them.

Contact/Payment Details

For registrations contact Santhi at Ph: 080-28441173 or 9449853834 for details.

Contact by email –