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12 December 2016 to 17 December 2016
Bhoomi Campus, off Sarjapura Road, Bangalore

Spaces that are built on the principles of nature are warm and resonate with the inner being. They embed the principle of optimization and are built on frugal use of resources keeping aesthetics in mind. 

How do you build a vibrant space by keeping energy and water consumption to the minimal?

What kind of materials and structures can you use to build an eco-friendly space? 

Meet Niranjan Kathri, an ex-hotelier and a pioneer in the concept of eco designing who has also authored several papers on eco-design and headed the CII renewable energy cell for a year between 1996 and 1997. 

Also, visit our Gumulapuran Organic farm to see some of the earth structures come alive.

Programme Fees

Rs 4000/- ( includes lunch)