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Discover Your Child's Strengths

Discover Your Child's Strengths

18 June 2016
Rema Kumar, Farah Khan

"You cannot teach a child anymore than you can grow a plant".

All you can do is allow it to go forward in its own way. Children feel happy, do well and develop a 'sense of self ' when they work with their strengths. It also helps them to own the unique person that they are.

Discover and foster the unique person that he or she is!

A workshop designed to help you accept and work with the strengths of your child.

Date : 18th June 2016
Time : 9am to 2pm
Resource People : Rema Kumar and Farah Khan

Programme Fees

INR 1000/- per person

Contact/Payment Details

For registration please write to us at or call us at 080-28441173