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Basics for Home Gardening-Organic, Terrace and Square Foot Gardening

Basics for Home Gardening-Organic, Terrace and Square Foot Gardening

10 October 2015

Today, we hear of the importance of fresh greens and organic foods. Also the importance of avoiding chemical and pesticide ridden foods. What better place to get at least some wholesome foods than from your own backyard or terrace?

Organic gardening and terrace gardening workshop will be conducted on 10th and 12th October at the Bhoomi Campus (Sarjapur Road) by Shri Raghu Rao who has several years of experience as an organic farmer and farming consultant. This workshop will help you develop an enjoyable and healthful hobby, and make it a part of an organic way of life! There will be a focus on the practical aspects, so that you get a first hand experience with earth, soil, compost and nutrients on the field. It will include basic pest and disease management also. No prior experience of gardening is necessary.

The square foot gardening workshop on 16th October will be conducted by Shri Anil Kapoor at his farm which is close to the Bhoomi campus. Square foot gardening is a simple method which helps us make use of small spaces effectively, systematizing our gardening methods.

Date: 10th, 12th and 16th October 2015, Timings: 10:00 AM – 04:30 PM

Programme Fees

Rs. 3000 for three full day workshops with lunch