Sankalan Internship

Sankalan Internship

Venue: Bhoomi College Campus, Off Sarjapura Road, Bangalore

The Sankalan Internship will help you become a facilitator to foster learning and wellbeing in groups, class rooms, organisations and communities.

On learning to be a facilitator - for self, community and leadership processes

Welcome to Sankalan!

Sankalan means ‘joining’ or ‘bringing together’. We believe that ‘bringing together’ is what we need to do to co-create communities for wellbeing. We need to bring together traditional and modern ways of learning and doing, nature’s wisdom as well as human wisdom and inner and outer explorations - to find our own path that is meaningful to us and gives us an opportunity to make our offerings to the world.

The Sankalan Internship will help you become a facilitator to foster learning and wellbeing in groups, class rooms, organisations and communities.

During the Sankalan Events we learn and live in a vibrant community. Explorations in small groups will include sharing concerns and stories, deep delving into the emotive realm , reviewing our lenses and filters, experiential and conceptual understanding of principles of Nature and how we can apply them in our lives. Learning at Sankalan will also include Nature meditation, spaces for reflection, looking at multiple perspectives, being part of a community, walks in the garden and enjoying delicious and nutritious organic food…

The small group would consist of 10-12 participants per group. Each group will have 2-3 trained and experienced facilitators who would anchor sessions at the Sankalan events.

Explore new possibilities…

The Sankalan events as well as other Bhoomi activities are focused on the same vision – of moving towards greater wellbeing and ecologically wise living for all beings on our planet. To work towards this vision, we need new kinds of leaders and facilitators who respond positively and holistically to emergent situations.

Sankalan programmes open up possibilities to interweave and synthesize learning from the principles of Nature, the wisdom of the group members as well as of ancient Indian spiritual tenets; from human psychology and behavioral science, from our understanding of modern science as well as of individual and global realities of the man-made world today.

Sankalan Programmes – for whom?

  • For anyone who wishes to be a holistic leader/ facilitator in schools, NGOs or in any organization or informal community.
  • For anyone who wishes to explore transformative learning processes, deeper aspects of inner and outer ecology and the dynamic relationship between the two.
  • Some Sankalan events will also include programmes for children and youth.

When and where are these programmes held?

The Sankalan programmes are offered every year during Summer (April-May). They are usually of 6 days duration and are residential programmes held at the Bhoomi Campus, Bangalore or other venues.

The Summer Event dates for this year April 17th to 22nd, 2022

The Programmes offered during the Summer Event are:

The event will be held at the Bhoomi - Prakriya campus and will include about 15 to 20 children, 40 adult participants and about 14 facilitators. The following five programmes are offered this year:

1. Inner and Outer Ecology

This is a foundation programme, necessary as a first step to participate in any other Sankalan Internship Programme. This programme emphasises the many ways in which becoming conscious of Nature within and outside of us can contribute to our wellbeing.

The focus in this process is to explore the inner landscape of individuals in a group setting. Spaces are created for participants to look deeply within, ask unasked questions, relook at assumptions, review meaning making processes, become aware of unconscious patterns and connect with earth experientially through time spent in nature. Nature’s principles of diversity, interdependence, seeing the whole picture and cyclical processes is the backdrop for exploration.

Understanding the ways in which our unconscious is programmed by man-made meanings can help us discover our deeper selves and find pathways to meaningful living.

2. Role and Identity for Wellbeing

This is the second level programme to continue the journey of self-exploration. Our commitment to well being depends not only on our conscious understanding or choice making. A large part of our behaviour and decision making is determined by our unconscious ways of perceiving situations, the world around us and ourselves. This programme helps participants get in touch with these processes. The exploration is in the realm of identity patterns (propensities of thinking, feeling and acting) and the psychological life roles one takes. Re-examining these life roles one takes, offers possibilities for more choices and a greater sense of wellbeing.

3. Wholistic Leadership and Wellbeing

We are used to ideas and patterns of leadership in a patriarchal, pyramidal system. What can leadership be like if we think like members of an ecosystem? Many of us get daunted with the notion of being leaders or even active participants and avoid living and working to our optimum potential.

This programme will help participants look at inner shifts, new perspectives, opportunities for well being as well as struggles and challenges that come with a new paradigm of learning from ecological principles. It also offers opportunities to participants to review their patterns of thought, feeling and action (often unconsciously held) that determine their relationships and roles.

4. Being Empowered, Finding Joy (for children aged 13 – 16 years)

Children today are flooded with information and what is considered entertainment – social media, TV, addictive games and more. Yet we find that children do not get a sense of joyousness from them. Learning to enjoy life deeply can only happen as they engage with involvement in many activities while they discover meaningful relationships, value their connect with the world around them and discover more and more of their potential. In other words in a more holistic learning environment – which is what this Sankalan programme offers children.Read More

In their early adolescent years, children also need to share their questions and dilemmas which often don’t get expression in other spaces. During this programme, children work on small projects with a sense of purpose and have fun with various games and exercises which have rich learning possibilities for them on small projects with a sense of purpose and have fun with various games and exercises which have rich learning possibilities for them. They also have many discussions and share their responses to these activities and to each other - and often such open-ended learning can be very meaningful and even transformative for them.

The Bhoomi campus supports many enjoyable activities like bird-watching, identifying trees, observing the lake nearby, learning to make healthy and tasty food and more. Finally, the Sankalan facilitators not only love working with children, they have many years of experience in evoking the creativity and sense of responsibility in children; they focus (without lectures!) on every child getting a sense of positivity and uniqueness – and being enlivened and empowered.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic this year, we are not holding the children's programme. Hope to offer a children's programme once the situation stabilizes a bit.


Admin Information


The fees for a six day residential programme for adults is INR 9000/- and for children INR 6500/-, inclusive of stay at the Bhoomi Hostel, healthy, nutritious food and reading and other materials. The above mentioned fee is applicable to educators, students and those working in the social sector.

A differential fee is applicable to foreign nationals and people belonging to the corporate and other sectors.

Nomination / Registration

You can register for a programme by email, giving basic details of name, age, gender, occupation, name of organization if relevant. You may request for a form if you wish to. Please send details of payment along with registration.

Payment of Fees

Do write to us at to register for the Inner and Outer Ecology, which is an introductory programme for individuals interested in exploring their inner landscapes.

Summer Event info

The Summer Event dates for this year
April 17th to 22nd, 2022

Check in: All participants are requested to check in at the Bhoomi Hostel latest by 04.00 pm 16th April 2022.

Please arrange for your check-out on 22 April 2021 by 05:00 pm. Please make sure that you remain with the programme from 16th April evening to 22nd April 05:00 pm and strictly avoid forays into the city.

For further enquiry:

Contact: the Coordinator, Sankalan
Phone: +91 94498 53834

About the Venue : The Bhoomi Campus

Located in the outskirts of Bangalore, Bhoomi provides a green and serene ambience for self-enquiry, reflection, meditation and also work related to ecological living. The Bhoomi and neighboring Prakriya School campuses with over 200 trees offer plenty of pathways for evening walks and introspection. The eco-friendly buildings, the library, the Prakriya school grounds and the organic garden offers ample opportunities for evening activities.

During the programme, vegetarian food will be served and will include eco-friendly, healthful and delicious millets, fruits and salads.

Please Note: You are requested to kindly not use chemical soaps, shampoos, toothpastes etc., and instead use the organic substitutes that will be provided by us. Your cooperation will help us recycle the grey water which will be used to grow the vegetables you eat!

Casual ware for floor seating and sandals/slippers for regular footwear is advisable.

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