The Path: Inner and Outer Ecology

Anok Hajra

The Path: Inner and Outer Ecology

Bhoomi’s mission is to promote ecologically and socially sane living and foster a sense of agency in ourselves for this mission.

We cannot ‘mend’ the ‘Outer Ecology’ of the world without attending to the inner ecology of our mind, body and spirit.

To foster holistic wellbeing, therefore, it is not enough to focus on the external material world alone. We need to focus also on building a culture of Earth consciousness and caring for all beings.

This is a central tenet in all the activities of Bhoomi College, including in our management, philosophy and processes.

Seetha Ananthasivan
Sheeba Sen
Alryk Ben and Akshatha AS
Farah Khan and Rema Kumar
Seetha Ananthasivan
Padmavati Rao, Geeta Prabhu and Anupama Thakkar
Sudha Ravi and Kalpana Kotwal
Seetha Ananthasivan
Rabindranath Tagore

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