Bhoomi Partners

Vikalp Sangam

Vikalp Sangam (the Hindi phrase means "confluence of alternatives") is an organisation that provides platforms to connect, foster collaboration and build support among many grassroots and policy-making institutes. These institutes range from groups and organisatinos that focus on meeting basic needs in ecologically sensitive ways, to people movements that champion decentralised governance and equitable producer-consumer relationships, and from rethinking urban and rural spaces for sustainability, to struggles for social and economic equity.

Vikalp Sangam coordinates gatherings of people involved in alternative initiatives, sharing their stories and perspectives through its Web site,

Local Futures

Local Futures ( is a San Francisco-based non-profit founded by Helena Norberg-Hodge, who has been involved with cultural, economic and ecological issues for over four decades, particularly in Ladakh. Local Futures aims to protect and renew the ecological and social well-being of human communities, locally and internationally, and endeavours to achieve this by promoting a shift from economic globalization to localisation using innovative models and tools that catalyse collaboration for strategic change.

Local Futures organizes conferences on Economics of Happiness around the world. One such conference was organized in March 2014 at Bangalore, in partnership with Bhoomi College/Network and Shikshanther, Udaipur.

Prakriya Green Wisdom School

Prakriya Green Wisdom School was established in 1999 by the same trust, KNA Foundation for Education that started Bhoomi College. Prakriya is a Sanskrit word that means ‘process’ and also, ‘acting according to Nature’s wisdom (Prakruti + Kriya); it has focused on integrating learning processes and culture building that help children and teachers build ecological consciousness and also tune in with Nature’s principles in various ways. The ‘Emergent’ Curriculum Multi Age classrooms, Real Life Projects,  Active Learning are some of the ways in which Prakriya attempts to make the learning processes more meaningful.

The fellowship programme in holistic education  is being offered by Bhoomi College in collaboration with Prakriya Green Wisdom School.