Fellowship Programmes

Ananth Somaiah

Fellowship Programmes

If you want to…

  • Listen to your inner call to work for change!
  • Engage with a participative space for deep, holistic and practical learning...
  • Re-envision Education...learn from Nature as well as from pioneering thinkers and doers

Join us for a transformative journey - to discover new possibilities, new co-travellers and new ways of perceiving our world. Explore Bhoomi’s Fellowship Programmes in


Different times call for different ways of learning and doing.

Bhoomi College is offering five short online modules and
registrations are open for the same.


These programmes are being offered by Bhoomi College to promote holistic enquiry and practice in both education and learning for ecological living. Connecting to self, land and community; rethinking education, systems thinking, holistic design for living etc. are some of the strong aspects of this course.

These courses are subsidized by the KNA Foundation for Education, a not for profit trust, established in 1995.

Join in to participate, learn and continue the sharing with others.

Admission Procedure

Fill up the application form. On receiving your application, the facilitator will go through it and call for a face to face or telephonic interview. Based on what you have written and your interview, you will be sent the intimation letter confirming your seat for the fellowship programme you have applied for.

College Brochure


The facilitators and core faculty members in charge anchoring the programme have several years experience in holistic education and have evolved the curriculum over many years of work at Bhoomi, Prakriya and other spaces.