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Faculty for the Fellowship Programme

Visiting Faculty

We have several pioneers and inspiring leaders in the areas of food and farming, economics, education etc who visit Bhoomi College and anchor sessions and join us at our conferences.

Often they stay at the Bhoomi hostel and students can then stay over at the hostel too, so that they have more opportunities of interacting with such pioneers and inspiring leaders.

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Bhoomi Faculty and Facilitators

The facilitators and core faculty members in charge of designing and anchoring the programme are mentioned below. Other guest teachers will cover their respective modules in the programme.

Seetha Ananthasivan - Founder-Trustee of K.N.A.Foundation for Education and a Director at Bhoomi College, Ms Ananthasivan's areas of interest include self-exploration, ecological education and management processes based on the principles of Nature. She is Editor of Bhoomi magazine ( and the founder of the Bhoomi Network, the Aastha Foundation and Prakriya Green Wisdom School (

Rema Kumar - Director - Projects, at Bhoomi College and Assistant Editor of Bhoomi magazine. She has been Director and Principal of Prakriya Green Wisdom School. Ms Kumar has been a facilitator of programmes on self-exploration and institution-building. She has a keen interest in deep ecology and using stories to connect ideas and people.

Farah Khan - Director - Programmes, at Bhoomi College, Ms Khan is an educator who has spent more than a decade contributing to innovative teaching/learning processes and developing curricula that foster holistic learning at the Prakriya Green Wisdom School. She is also a qualified HR practitioner who has designed and anchored workshops for schools and other organisations.

K.P. Singh - A Sanskrit scholar deeply involved in water conservation and sustainable living in residential housing layouts and communities through rainwater harvesting and waste management, Mr Singh is a former telecom technologist. After quitting the corporate sector, he has devoted himself to larger social causes and is connected with a number of civil society and environmental movements.