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Alumni Expressions

Finding Joy in Teaching Migrant Out-Of-School Children

31 May 2017

A young woman has been trying to educate migrant children who do not have access to public education, and shares her experiences and lessons from this unique classroom environment.

Working for Environment Made Me Realise Corporate World's Reality

14 Apr 2017

“If my body really needed broccoli and red capsicum, they would be growing right here in this soil (in India) already! You think Nature is stupid?” I remember these words well. Narsanna Koppula – my permaculture guru – was cautioning us about exotic varieties of plants, as I sat listening up on the branch of a Pongam tree.

Why I Think Bhoomi College's Holistic Education Programme Is Very Good

27 Mar 2017

The Holistic Education programme offered by Bhoomi College seemed like the perfect fit when I wanted to take a break to understand ‘alternative education’. Little did I know then that these eight months would create an impact on me, not just intellectually, but emotionally and spiritually as well.

Why I Left The Corporate Sector To Become An Educator

24 Mar 2017

I chose to do a course on holistic education at Bhoomi because I wanted a transition to the field of education from the corporate sector, where I worked for close to a decade as an HR professional. 

Why i quit my IT Job to Study Environment Protection at Bhoomi College

16 Mar 2017

Something was simmering within me for a long time, it took me a while to realize that I was seeking the true meaning of my existence. 

Alternative Education at Bhoomi College: Studying Sustainable Development

09 Mar 2017

Certain decisions in life are so instinctive that they seemingly lack any linear logic or justification. Joining the Science and Management for Sustainable Living course offered by Bhoomi College was one such instinctive or should I say intuitive decision that I made in the nick of time.

A Holistic Education Course inspired an alternative school in Indore

28 Mar 2017

Education and school environments play the biggest role in moulding the generations of tomorrow and their attitudes towards nature. Hema Patidar talks about how she was inspired to turn her Indore school into an institution of holistic education and all-round development.

How a telecom engineer become a water conservation expert

14 Jan 2017

People often wonder how they can contribute to the effort to conserve natural resources and build a better world. This telecom engineer-turned-water conservation expert from Bangalore has proven that if you’re really committed to the cause, all you need is the will to take action.

Why Madhu Reddy returned to Hyderabad to promote land fertility

10 Jan 2017

Returning to your roots after traveling is not a decision anyone takes lightly. Madhu Reddy talks about the journey that inspired her to return to her family farm and convert it into a chemical-free establishment.

Why an engineering dropout ended up living in a hut in kumaon

06 Mar 2017

Finding one’s purpose in life can be a challenging prospect, especially for a young student. Manvendra Singh Inaniya talks about his experience discovering his purpose while working on sustainability in the Himalayan mountains.

Sustainability Course helped graduate find his true calling in life

25 Feb 2017

An increasing number of people are realising the importance of educating themselves about sustainability and how to go about it. Amarnath Duleep talks about the experiences that led him on a similar path, and the exposure and experiences he found there.