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About the Course

If your answer is Yes to any of these questions,
this programme can make a difference to your journey...

  • Do you wish the education system today was more experiential and connected to real life issues rather than be largely textbook and exam-based?
  • Do you believe that children and adults need inspiration and support to learn to live wisely on planet Earth?
  • Do you yearn for enjoyable and fulfilling work that connects you more with Nature, communities and yourself?

Basic Information about this course:

This diploma programme can be useful to those who wish to

  • be a creative teacher, learning facilitator, especially in progressive schools around the country.
  • acquire a nationally recognised B.Ed. degree, if you wish to, through distance education for which you will be supported in enrolment and completion of the course.
  • engage in holistic enquiry about learning processes and philosophies and purpose of education, critically understand the connections of education with our socio economic system and take up research or educational activism.

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This course is designed in collaboration with Prakriya Green Wisdom School, which has, over the last fifteen years worked with educational philosophy, principles and processes which are enlivening and meaningful for children, facilitators and parents.

What's special about Holistic Education?

Educators today agree that education must foster humane values, conscious living, the spirit of enquiry and a mindset anchored in the premise that humans are a part of a larger whole. They agree that the purpose of education is to equip young adults to respond proactively to the phenomena that are emerging in their context. However, the educators find it difficult to work towards these objectives, caught in a "factory style" schooling system with largely textbook and exam based learning. The innate potential of both child and teacher are ignored. Knowledge has become formulaic.

In contrast, holistic education can open up wonderful opportunities for learning that is enlivening and deep, encourages practical as well as deep learning, and helps us live harmoniously and sustainably with Nature. An educator equipped with an understanding of holistic education can make her classes transformational and humanising to children with holistic perspectives, methods and practices.

Gift Culture - The fees for this programme are highly subsidised by the KNA Foundation and many teachers who donate their time and energy for this course.

What about accreditation for this course?

Along with this Diploma programme you will be supported to study for a nationally recognised  B.Ed. degree through distance education, which may require another year to complete. Those who are teachers with a BEd degree may also apply to equip themselves to be facilitators in more challenging environments. The Prakriya Green Wisdom School will offer opportunities for observation and co-teaching required for obtaining the BEd. qualification.

Do schools in India believe Holistic Education is important?

Yes. The list of schools that care for holistic frameworks is increasing as parents become discerning about meaningful education. Worldwide, our very conservative estimate suggests that 1,00,000-plus schools actually attempt to practise Holistic Education ideals. Most often, these ideals include both child-centred learning as well as a focus on eco-literacy or ecological wisdom.

Over the last two decades and more, global warming, climate change, water scarcity and the heightened awareness that natural disasters are often caused by humankind's excesses have galvanised governments around the world to think greener than ever before. UNEP, UNESCO and many organisations in India and abroad have partnered thousands of green schools, which also look for educators who have a greater understanding about Nature and sustainability.

How does the Diploma in Holistic Education address these aspects?

Five unique features of the Diploma in Holistic Education start you off on a journey of discovery:

  • A cutting-edge curriculum. The programme includes essentials from top-notch research and practice in education and learning worldwide. The findings we will present are relevant not only for the present but also for the future.
  • Learning from innovative educationists with decades of pedagogic and research experience. The faculty for the course are a multi-disciplinary team comprising educationists and heads of institutions as well as facilitators from Prakriya Green Wisdom School.
  • A process approach. Intensive experiential and group sessions, a co-created learning ambience and hands-on engagement through real-life projects, field trips and internships will make your learning exciting, rigorous and transformative.
  • Creative culture-building. You will learn how to use these processes to go beyond teaching/learning to creating, nurturing, sustaining and systematising educational life and work spaces that are creative and meaningful.
  • Your choice of specialisation. You will be free to choose your focus segment from Prakriya Green Wisdom School's nursery, primary, middle school or high school sections, for practical work.