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Bhoomi College – Fellowship Programmes - FAQs Answered

1. What is the intent behind starting this institution?

Intent is to create an alternative learning space to foster eco-consciousness and create expanding communities of thought leaders to bring positive change.

2. When is the last date to apply?

The last date to apply for the admissions 2020-21 is May 31st 2020.

3. When does the course begin and end?

The course will begin on 15th July 2020. It will end on 10th April 2021.

4. How to apply?

You can fill out the application form available on the website and submit it.

5. What is the selection process?

On receiving your application, the facilitator will go through it and call for a face to face or telephonic interview. Based on what you have written and your interview, you will be sent the intimation letter. Your admission will be confirmed after the payment of the preliminary amount.

6. Is it a paid fellowship?

It is not a paid fellowship. You would be required to pay an amount toward the course which is subsidized by the trust.

7. Can I get a sponsorship?

There are a limited number of work-study scholarships to deserving candidates on first come first serve basis.

8. Who can apply to this course?

Anyone who has a bachelor’s degree in any discipline and is interested in education and sustainability can apply.

9. Is there a stay facility at the campus?

There is a hostel facility for about 35 men and women in separate wings. The accommodation will be on double or triple sharing with common bathrooms.

10. What kind of food is served at Bhoomi?

You will be served simple, nutritious, vegetarian food. We have a strict ‘no process food’ policy.

11. What are some of the dos and don'ts at the campus?

The campus is maintained keeping earth consciousness in mind and therefore certain code of conduct is expected from all who are a part. It is strictly a ‘no smoking’, ‘no alcohol’ and ‘no addictive substance’ campus.

12. I have a family; can they live with me here?


13. Is this course affiliated to some university?

Bhoomi College is not affiliated to any University. It is a part of the Multiversity Alliance.

14. Will I get diploma/certificate etc?

A certificate is awarded at the end of the course.

Minimum percentage of attendance, working on project work and completing internship are mandatory requirements for getting a completion certificate. If all or any of these are not fulfilled, a participation certificate is awarded.

15. Is there a minimum requirement for attendance?

A minimum of 70% attendance is required for getting the completion certificate.

16. Can I opt out in the middle of the course if need be, and will I get a part refund?

You can opt out of the course if you need to. A part refund will be given based on the duration that you attended the course.

17. I don't want to do the full course; can I do parts of the course which interest me?

We have a couple of modules that we offer as open programmes. You can join those modules.

18. Is there an exam or mode of gradation at the end of the course?

There are no exams or tests. There is no grading system. End of the year fellows present their dissertation work for which feedback is given.

19. What do you mean by 'an intensive programme'?

There is an expectation of rigour from all the fellows. They are required to attend the classes regularly and be present for all the classroom sessions as well as other activities. They are required to do weekly journaling and make presentations at the end of each module. There are reading and book review assignments from time to time. Time boundaries are to be held strictly.

20. Other than class room sessions what other activities will I be engaged in during the course?

You will engage in hands on work, real life projects, field trips and internship. Also, there are events through the year where you will get the opportunity to organize and conduct the programmes.

21. Is it compulsory to participate in all the college activities?

Each one is expected to join in as we believe these activities to be a significant part of the community building processes. Exceptions are made only if someone has a genuine and unavoidable reason.

22. What does participative learning mean?

What we mean by this is that learning does not happen only in classrooms and not from the facilitators alone. Each one contributes to the learning of the group. The modality of teaching learning process at the college is through reading, reflection and group discussions. In additions most of the activities are done in small groups. Real life projects also require you to work closely with each other in small groups.

23. What is the schedule of the course?

Course is divided into 2 terms and internship.

Term 1- July to early Nov.
Internship - Nov to late Dec.

Term 2 - late Dec to March.
Presentations and closure- April first week

24. How long are the modules?

Each module is of varying duration ranging from 1 week to 6 weeks.

25. Who will be teaching this year?

There are 4-5 in-house experienced facilitators who will be conducting sessions on various topics through the year. In addition, there will be many visiting facilitators who are experts in their fields.

26. What will the internship entail? Will I get to chose or will I be given specific tasks?

Internship is the time when you step out and work hands on to explore the area of your interest more intensely and deeply. You engage in tasks, reading, research, meeting people associated with the chosen topic. Mentors at the college will help you in choosing a place for your internship.

27. What can I do after the course?

During the duration of the course, you meet people from diverse backgrounds who have opted for an alternative lifestyle engaging with alternative options for livelihoods. This network enables you to find a path for yourself and get support from this community. There are quite a few organizations that approach us to engage fellows from the college. Lot of fellows also initiate their own green ventures after the course.

28. Will the college also help with placements?

There is no formal process of placement. However the college will support in connecting you with the people in its network who may be willing to engage you in their organizations.

29. How many have completed this course so far and what are they doing right now?

We have completed 6 batches till now (2012-13 to 2018-19) with around 145 fellows graduating from the college. The course was not offered during the academic year 2014-15.