Bhoomi Santhe

The Bhoomi Santhe - essentially a farmers' market, but much more - is held on the first and third Saturdays every month at the Bhoomi Campus at Bangalore. It is a space that encourages the deepening of relationships not only between consumers and producers but also within the local community. There are workshops for children and adults, talks, discussions, film reviews and performances, and wholesome healthy food to taste and savour. It has become a space, to relook at the dominant development / mechanistic paradigm and work with alternatives.


Our ancestors knew the truth that food is a web of relationships and they treated food with reverence and simplicity which amounted to ecological wisdom - something that we modern humans lack in a big way.

However, living in cities, industrialization, mechanized farming and numerous changes in the way we produce and distribute food have resulted in a breakdown in our relationship with food. Today, many of us are distanced and disconnected from the food that we consume on a daily basis. We have more farmer's in crisis as they are caught in a trap of debt and chemical agriculture; and citizens falling more sick with unhealthy foods.

Farmers’ markets all over the world are community initiatives that have been taken to regain control over this very important aspect of our lives. The Bhoomi Santhe, and most farmers' markets:b

✓ Are simultaneously a personal, social and economic event.
✓ They offer the promise of safe food and a healthy future for consumers.
✓ Are enjoyable spaces for the whole family to get closer to Nature and away from gizmo entrapment
✓ They help city dwellers live a more ethical life by offering farmers and other small producers of basic goods a fair price,
✓ Help foster the local food economy and reduce the profit flows to big business.
✓ Help create ecological awareness when they also hold workshops and events where many champions of ecological practices share their wisdom

Get Involved!

✓ Visit the Santhe and enjoy buying food and other household and personal care products and conversing with their producers.
✓ Come and explore with Bhoomi coordinators and fellows if you would like to start a Santhe in your area.
✓ Join in for workshops and also spread the word amongst your friends and family about the importance of healthy foods and farmers' markets.