Bhoomi News

21 Jun 2017

Education today is anything but enriching. Knowledge is governed by Syllabus. Practical experience hinges on a 3 hr per week practical sessions in a lab, under close monitoring of an instructor.

13 Jun 2017

Modern urban spaces have come far from nature. The greenery we see is either in the potted plants on our window sills, the caged saplings lining the roads or the planned, artificially shaped trees in man-made gardens. Nature in its truest sense remains beyond reach.

29 Apr 2017

IIM-Ahmedabad has a long list of distinguished alumni, who have gone on to make a name for themselves in various fields. When you think management, you usually associate high-flying jobs with them.

25 Apr 2017

Small Is Beautiful by British economist E. F. Schumacher is a collection of essays that argues the modern ‘bigger is better’ ideology and reasons that we need to steer away from the belief that technology is the answer to all our problems.

04 Jul 2015

Care for the earth? Make a living out of it too. Help is on hand at Bhoomi College, Bengaluru, where education and activism converge.

15 Jun 2015

Bhoomi College, Bangalore invites applications for its one-year postgraduate diplomas in Holistic Education and Science and Management for Sustainable Living. The former course is for those who wish to become creative educators.

14 Jul 2013

Bhoomi College offers a course in sustainable living, in which students get lessons in organic farming, ecology, waste management, community involvement, etc.