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Bhoomi Faculty and Staff

Adil Basha

Adil is the Media and Communications Head. He is also part of our Yugaantar Resource Hub and spearheads our video and film making efforts. He has been a documentary film curator of Culture Unplugged Studios. He strongly believes in the power of communities and loves to solve crosswords. 

Farah Khan

Farah Khan is Director- Programmes at Bhoomi College and is in charge of the Teacher Training Course (in Holistic Education). She has spent more than a decade contributing to teaching / learning processes and developing curricula for holistic learning at the Prakriya Green Wisdom School. She is also a trained facilitator in group participative processes.

Ishita Bose Sarkar

Ishita anchors sessions for Bhoomi students on art, music and education. She was the Headmistress for Prakriya Green Wisdom School for eight years and was involved with the school since its inception. She has anchored workshops for teachers and parents to co create learning spaces. She is passionate about music and enjoys learning and teaching songs by Kabir and Tagore.

I.M. Pushpa

I.M.Pushpa is a Garden consultant and a Facilitator with Bhoomi College. She is passionate about working the land, saving and distributing seeds, enriching the soil, and making organic fertilisers. She is also our Chief Food Advisor, who creatively connects the garden with our food as well as with our health.

Raghu Rao

Raghu Rao has a strong and abiding interest in creating sustainable food production systems based on permaculture and ecology. An engineer with a masters in Ecology, he has worked as Farming Systems Officer with FAO and Rural Livelihoods Advisor with the British High Commission. He also set up OASIS@Kuppam, a certified organic farm to supply vegetables to cities to get a hands-on experience of the viability of organic farming.

Rema Kumar

Rema Kumar is a Director, Bhoomi College and Associate Editor of the Bhoomi magazine. She has been the Director and Principal, Prakriya Green Wisdom School, Bangalore; she is also a trained facilitator of programmes on self-exploration and institution building. She is a keen story teller, passionate about deep ecology and education for sustainability.

Seetha Ananthasivan

Seetha Ananthasivan is founder trustee of K.N.A.Foundation and Bhoomi College. Her areas of interest include Explorations in inner and outer ecology, Ecological Education, and working with management processes based on principles of Nature. She is the editor of the Bhoomi magazine ( and the Founder of Aastha Foundation ( and Prakriya Green Wisdom School (


K.P.Singh is a Sanskrit scholar deeply involved in water conservation and ecological waste management in residential housing layouts and communities. A former telecom technologist, he quit the corporate sector and has devoted himself to lsocial causes and is connected with civil society and environmental movements.

Bhoomi Team and Support Staff

Ananth Somaiah

Ananth Somaiah is our in-house photographer, videographer and sound expert. He is passionate about taking people on wilderness trails and engaging them through camp activities so that they have the opportunity to connect with Nature deeply. Project Coordinator of the Gumalapuram Organic Farming Gurukul project.

Deepthi Narayanan

Deepthi is a Project Coordinator of the Bhoomi Organic Gurukul, Gumalapuram and Tiruvannamalai Farmers Centre projects. She is in charge of general administration at Bhoomi. After working in the IT sector for a decade as Quality Assurance Lead, she has joined Bhoomi to follow her passion to work for the environment and be a part of the farming community. She enjoys being in the fields as well as organizing various events.

Nayan N.D

Nayan  is a Project Coordinator of the Gumalapuram Organic Farming Gurukul project. He is also in charge of infrastructure building and supervising the Sharavathi Rainforest Centre; He partners Ananth in offering exciting meaningful wilderness programmes both at Sharavathi and at the Gumalapuram Organic Gurukul.

Staff and Gardeners