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Bhoomi Conferences

The Bhoomi conferences are focussed on spreading awareness about issues concerning education and sustainable living.The Bhoomi Magazine and Bhoomi Network were launched at the first Bhoomi Conference on Food, Health and Climate Change in 2009. Ever since then we have organized conferences at least once in two years to share ideas and processes connected with sustainable living.

September, 2019

We invite you to participate with pioneering thinkers, activists, educators and other concerned citizens to promote learning and positive action to live with ecological wisdom on our Planet.

Join us for two lively days of discussions and sharing inspiring stories and earth friendly foods!

April, 2016

This conference launched the Yugaantar Resource Hub, a journey we are embarking on, with the faith that many co-travellers will join in and enrich and add to the offerings through the Resource Hub that is being launched.

March, 2014

This international conference was organized in partnership with Helena Norberg Hodge (of ISEC – International Society for Ecology and Culture) and Shikshantar, Udaipur.

December, 2012

This event focused on the importance of understanding the unconscious influence of stories on children. Many stories unwittingly foster a materialistic orientation, be it through the hero going in search of treasures or the princess kissing a frog which turns into a prince. Why would not the frog turn into a farmer, a worthy soul who knows to care about the land?

January, 2012

This was a space where schools, NGOs and individuals shared their eco-projects and held workshops on various themes on sustainable living. Many schools from South India participated in it, and put up stalls to showcase their work. Professor R.

January, 2011

This 2 day conference was designed as a space to ask questions about the connections between our notions of a good life and relationships, happiness, economics and ecology.

December, 2009

The first major conference organized by Bhoomi focused on a theme which came as a surprise to most lay people. This was a time when Al Gore’s documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” was just about becoming well known in India; most articles on climate change did not mention food and agriculture as major contributors of carbon emissions.

December, 2008

This seminar, held at the Prakriya Green Wisdom School, was intended to emphasise the role of humans as citizens of Mother Earth, not only of our respective cities, states or countries. Students from 12 schools attended and made presentations on topics ranging from organic farming and climate change to simplifying our lives through hand made products.