A for apple; 2+2 = 4; question-answer; right-wrong - so on and so forth. From early on our minds get accustomed to simplifying things and finding quick answers.

Discovering Me

by Alryk Ben


Holistic Thinking

by Suruchi Athalye

Inside Out

by Sudha Ravi

When the way out, was the way in....
I thought and thought to myself, which is out and where is in? Until when….

The word ‘holistic’ seems to be the ‘in’ word in today’s time – be it holistic education, holistic healing, holistic thinking, holistic approach to problem solving so on and so forth.

Gaia Within

by Padmavati Rao

“Ananda Coomaraswamy said that an artist is not a special kind of a person, but every person is a special kind of artist. One can also say that a leader is not a special kind of person. Every person is a special kind of leader.”

- Satish Kumar

Stream of Life

The same stream of life that runs through my veins
night and day, runs through the world
and dances in rhythmic measures.

Sustainable Living is not heavy stuff all the time. We will transition into a more wise and sustainable civilisation when quite simply we learn again to love nature.

The words holy, whole and holistic all have the same root.

We find that all spiritual systems refer to the need to connect to the “Whole”, to own up the reality of the whole picture, if not attempt to see it.

A day at Bhoomi college begins with an hour of HOW- hands on work. The Bhoomi fellows engage with either gardening, working in the kitchen or taking responsibility for cleanliness of the work rooms and library.

Let me start with a few of my Prakriyan stories.  After all, it is worth exploring whether there is truth to the statement “If you want to learn about a culture of a place, listen to the stories.”

Being a Rainforest Teacher

by Rajni Mehra

There was a crown prince in a far away land who was preparing to take on the responsibilities of ruling the kingdom. His Guru put him through a final test before his coronation.

I spend an hour or so every day in my backyard.

Transformation is in the Eyes that See a New World…

Often people who appreciate plants and green spaces do not venture into gardening as they have their reservations.

Christopher Uhl shares his sadness about children’s well-being that is destroyed by schooling. To assure our children the future they deserve, he says that Schools need to focus on the new 3 R’s – Relationship with self, with others and with Earth.

Parents, schools or youngsters or sometimes they themselves are often blamed for the trouble they get into.

I, Robot – Dialogue Transcript

If one thing is said to have not changed since time immemorial, it is the greatest esteem for knowledge and respect for the learned in our society.

Our modern globalised economic world has failed our children terribly. 1.5 million children die of hunger every year around the world, 28% of children in developing countries are malnourished, and millions are without drinking water, or in abject poverty.

This soulful Rabindro sangeet expresses the connection that Tagore believed in strongly;  the ultimate end of humanity was achieving harmony with everything around in this outer world and the inner world.

Life is not only rare – life is fussy and demanding. The temperature, amount of oxygen, the alkalinity, the formation of clouds and salinity of oceans, have all to be regulated within a narrow range on earth, so that life on it can be supported.

We live in extraordinary times, triggered by the Corona virus.

We are faced with dramatic and global changes that our tallest scientists, leaders and thinkers did not anticipate or prepare for. Dramatic times call for hard thinking and tough choices.

Eco-philosopher, Satish Kumar poses four essential questions that the world must ponder over if we are to address our most pressing crises today....