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About Us

About the College

Bhoomi College has brought together individuals and communities through its Fellowship programmes, weekend programmes, conferences and workshops to learn, share and engage, aiming at ecological living on our planet.

The focus of all the courses offered is on participative learning that is deep, holistic and practical. Our programmes attempt to make learning engaging and enjoyable through hands-on work, group discussions, reflection and field trips. The well-designed curriculum and Interactions with inspiring thinkers and doers help make the courses meaningful and often transformative.

About the Bhoomi Campus

The Bhoomi Campus is a beautiful space spread over 4 acres, with an organic garden to provide most of the vegetables used here. It has been designed as a space for learning through living as a community . Students, faculty and guests are invited to join in the activities in the garden and kitchen at least for an hour every day .

90% of the energy used for lighting, fans etc is from the Sun. Composting, using organic soaps and cleaning materials is a way of life.

Most buildings are built with stabilized mud blocks and tiled roofs or 'filler' roofs which use less concrete. Rainwater harvesting and black water recycling help minimize our water print.

The facilities include:

  • The Bhoomi hostel for residential accommodation, a 'Learning Kitchen' and a dining room, 'Vasundhara' made with mud bags.
  • The office, Library and the 'Ananda' Hall, and other spaces made with mud stabilised blocks.
  • An organic vegetable garden and a small orchard.

The neighbouring campuses of Prakriya Green Wisdom School and the Bhoomi College have more than a 100 species of trees and over 60 species each of birds and butterflies; not to forget the uncounted number of shrubs, herbs, insects.

" When we connect with a place and its human and natural communities, we are much more likely to be contented and cheerful… and take responsibility to look after our little portion of Mother Earth. "

Our Beliefs

Tuning into Nature
Learning from Nature

We believe that Nature is our primary teacher and tuning ourselves to learn from Nature's principles leads all work at Bhoomi.

Living amidst the trees, plants and all the creatures that share our space is for us the first step to connect and learn from Nature in subtle and meditative ways.

The food we eat is a daily reminder of our connections with Nature. We keep learning and engaging with making our food delicious, earth-friendly and kind to our bodies.

Deep and Holistic Enquiry

At Bhoomi what we call holistic enquiry is quite simply a process of constantly trying to understand the larger picture, and learn in multiple ways –experientially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

We persist in working with ‘whole systems’ or ‘holistic’ perspectives; we constantly seek to foster it despite limitations we face in a development paradigm that is skewed towards economic growth - at the cost of all life on our planet. We believe that such a holistic approach is essential to work towards ecological sanity.

Learning and working in Community

“Live simply so that others can simply live” - Mahatma Gandhi

The Bhoomi Campus is a space where our beliefs as a community come to life

Members of the Bhoomi community weave in various threads of a culture of celebrating Nature and living with voluntary simplicity – making learning here a rich, transformative and fulfilling experience.

We believe too that local Communities caring for their space on Earth and for each other's well being is an important path forwards for sustainable living as well as for social justice.