Post Graduate Course on Sustainable Living

Post Graduate Course on Sustainable Living

Jul 2018 to Apr 2019

Admissions Open for 2018 batch

You can apply for either of these courses on Sustainable Living:

  • 1 year Diploma programme which includes 7 months of course work, two months of internship, project work and presentation of your dissertation
  • 7 months Certificate programme which includes the same 7 months of course work as for the diploma above; but does not include project work, internship or the requirement of the dissertation.


You need to have a graduate degree in any discipline to be eligible for this course. In special cases, this requirement can be waived if you have sufficient work experience / conceptual understanding of issues connected to sustainability and a good working knowledge of English.

A maximum of 20 participants will be admitted to this course. The age of participants may vary from 22 to 50+ years of age.

This course aims to satisfy a range of learning styles and requirements. The same modules can be addressed by participants at levels of intensity that suit their needs.

There will be no exams; participants can take up assignments for four out of the eight modules and can submit their work as presentations, videos/ short documentaries, talks or workshops. Collaborative work and group projects are encouraged.

How will we Learn?

“The Medium is the Message” - Marshall McLuhan

How we learn determines our learning in significant ways. So our curriculum includes not only content but also many interconnecting and evolving processes.

Bhoomi’s courses are designed such that a participant can focus more on experiential and hands-on learning, or on more book and research based learning, or on a mix of these and more to suit individual needs. We also learn through the way we live and work together as a community, through field trips, projects and through the many inspiring teachers who visit us…